This About page applies to YT Vidz only. For The Global Marketeer, a Tumblr-hosted site, refer here: http://thegm.tumblr.com/about

YT Vidz is a relatively new project that posts video, photo, and other blogging content through a curated process. Despite its name, not all content is posted from YouTube! You will find many posts on this site link to my Tumblr and Twitch. Also, there’s a good chance you will find reviews and some actual reporting thrown into the mix. I hope you enjoy!

Rules / Privacy Policy

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I do not track users who visit the WordPress site past whatever built-in metrics WordPress allows me to see.

However, I reserve the right to block access at my discretion to spammers or abusive users.

As this website is hosted on the free plan of WordPress, advertisements are shown on the face of this website. Those are not mine. You may also find ads on my YouTube channel in the form of monetization. Currently, I do not monetize videos on Twitch, though there may be ads on my videos for that platform.

This website is generally work-safe and does not contain “adult” content (e.g.: uncensored nudity or porn) but it may contain adult language, adult situations, and adult references. If you read this and continue to use the website, you agree you are not offended by these things. If you are, and you haven’t come across them yet, please get out before I say a swear word.

Use of text content, like reviews or blog-posts, is licensed under CC BY-ND 3.0. All other forms of content appearing on this blog should be presumed copyrighted. With that said, I will always try to work with people if they want to use my content non-commercially, just send me a message on YouTube. You can also fair-use any of my Let’s Plays or other videos without having to ask for permission.

That’s it! Hope you have a good rest of your day 😎